Porchlight Records

Grand Hallway - "Winter Creatures" LP PORCH002

Grand Hallway's third full length, "Winter Creatures" was recorded in Portland at Scenic Burrows (where the latest albums by Dodos, Castanets, and the soundtrack of “Portlandia” were also recorded). Their follow-up to "Promenade" is a beautifully arranged and intimate product of the Northwest.

Upon ordering, you'll receive an immediate download of the entire album.

Take a listen to "Wildfire":


  1. Winter Creatures
  2. Apple Tree
  3. Wildfire
  4. North Cascades
  5. Oh Yes (Stay Alive, My Dear)
  6. Little Sister
  7. Fourths
  8. Father's Clothes
  9. Roscoe (What a Gift)

Pressing Information

500 on black vinyl.