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Black Hills - "Sterile Eyes" 7 Inch PORCH005

In late 2011, a mildly sober and enthusiastic Erin Tate (Minus the Bear) approached a mildly stoned and excessively sloshed David Totten (The Quiet Ones, Scriptures) and asked him to collaborate. Without hesitation, the two began to write together, finding spare time from their own projects to dig into new creative material together. Finding common influences in the textures of prog rock of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as the melodies of indie-folk music, they began to write songs containing a strange mixture of elements that was both strange and familiar.

The two soon enlisted the low tones of bassist Eric Sturgeon (The Lonely Forest) and the handiwork of multi-instrumentalist Matt Benham (The Black Swedes, Argo). They call themselves Black Hills.

This is the band's first official release and limited to 500 copies.

Order now and immediately get a download of both songs! The record will ship out the week of January 14th.

Take a listen to the A Side, "Sterile Eyes":

Pressing Information

500 on black vinyl